Maya Van Treeck

Recycling Illustrator

recycled creations, starting from my inner self and direct environment


Artistic purpose

My purpose is to make people conscious of the way they practice art and create things. I love drawing and crafting but mass consumption and its environmental impact don’t leave me undisturbed. This is why I started drawing on recycled materials. For me, recycled materials can be anything lying around the house as well as lost and broken objects. With my artwork I want to inspire others to be conscious about the materials they use and decrease their ecological footprint. It is of course way easier to buy ready made DIY packages or start your artwork from newly bought materials. Yet, it is so much more interesting and gratifying to let yourself get inspired by objects and patterns surrounding you. I think it is about time to adapt our concepts to our environment instead of creating a new environment to match our concepts. Trust me, it's worth the challenge!